Make Money with CafePress, Zazzle and Spreadshirt – but Which Tee Shirt Design Store is for You?

Cafepress is the largest tee shirt POD firm. In addition to tee shirts, you are able to place your design on baby clothes, bags, hats, stickers, mugs, water bottles, buttons, and underwear. According to websiteoutlook, the site is worth over $2 million and has over 1 million unique visitors a day. So, even taking into consideration that many of these visitors are other shop owners, they are getting excellent traffic. Your designs on Cafepress will gain exposure. Personally, I haven’t done much marketing with my Cafepress shop and have made a few hundred dollars a year when charging a 20-30% commission on my products. Unfortunately, though, Cafepress has recently changed their commission structure.
Cafepress has reduced their paid commission to 10%. With the change, many talented artists are starting to leave Cafepress. With competitors gaining on the giant, artists are able to close their Cafepress shop and move their designs to free stores that will net them the revenue they need. Cafepress charges a monthly fee of $6.95 for a premium shop, which any shop with more than one design per item. With the number of artists going to competitors, Cafepress’s time on top may be coming to an end.

Zazzle seems to be very popular right now with tee shirt designers and may very well become the next leader. According to websiteoutlook, the site is worth $1.67 million and they are getting over 700,000 unique visitors a day. Again, many of these are shop owners. Right now, Zazzle has over 18 billion (yes billion) products in their store. They charge nothing to open a shop. Both basic and premium features are absolutely free. You set your own royalties. So, if you want to charge $100 bucks for a tee shirt, go ahead! You might just sell one, but they don’t care! All those added designs to their site is growing it. On Zazzle, you are able to place your your designs on items such as tee shirts, postage stamps, skateboards, pet clothes, shoes, aprons, or even make it available for embroidery.

Spreadshirt is another rising star, but behind Zazzle. According to websiteoutlook, the site is worth $219,000 and they have just under 100,000 unique visitors a day.

But, Spreadshirt has some interesting features:
If a person wants to sell tee shirt but is not a talented graphic designer, they can still sell shirts. Store owners are able to pull designs already made from the marketplace and put them into their products. It does raise the base of the product though, obviously.

For example: The base price of a tee shirt is $9.90. If you used another person’s graphic, it might change your base price to $12.90 (the designer chooses their own markup). In order to make a profit, you need to add your commission on top of that. So, your tee shirt might go for $17.90 and you have a $5 profit per shirt.
On the other hand, if you are a designer, you simply upload your own image on Spreadshirt and the base price stays at $9.90. You can make a $5 profit by selling the shirt for $15.90 rather than the $17.20 a non graphic designer charges for their shirt.
Spreadshirt is unique is that it is a European company. So, many designers are using Spreadshirt because they can place alternative sayings and pictures on the products. Zazzle’s terms of service ask that nothing obscene be placed on products. But, since Spreadshirt is more open minded. this site could definitely grow quickly with the alternative crowd.
Tee Shirt and POD (print on demand) sites are not a get rich quick scheme. Unless you are a very talented graphic designer, you probably will not be able to quit your day job. But, for some extra fun money, it could be worth your time.


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