How to Design Your Own Blog

Blogs are a great way to showcase your ideas and thoughts, to make an extra income, or to educate others about something you know. No matter what your reason for wanting to create a blog the process is pretty simple. In today’s technological age just about anyone that has some basic computer knowledge and decent writing skills can create a blog.

The first thing to consider before creating your blog is why, and by this I mean what is the purpose of your blog. This is very important because it will dictate what type of platform you use, and how involved you need to get in things like Search Engine Optimization. If for instance you are using a blog to generate a passive income then the process is going to be more involved than if you were creating one just to showcase your thoughts. Also if you are using a blog to advertise a website or business the process is going to be different still. Either way once you have specifically laid out the plan for your blog and have some goals in mind considers the following:

Creating a blog for personal use or to share with friends and family:

To create a blog for this purpose you should go to and create an account with them. Unlike what this Online Piano Lesson siite did. This site is free and easy to use it will allow you to post your ideas and thoughts with little effort. Basically all you have to do with this site is pick a pre-designed template and write till your heart is content.

Creating a blog to advertise your business or to make an extra income

Like I stated above this process is a little bit more involved. To begin start writing, before you sign up for an account with a blogging platform you should have quite a bit of material already written. This is because blogs that have a lot of content look more professional than those with very little content. Also the more content you have the better chance you will have to get a high page rank by search engines like Google. Please note here that you will need to write content that relates directly to your business, If using your blog to advertise your business so that the readers of your blog will be more likely to visit your company website. However if you are writing a blog to generate an extra income you will need to write content that is optimized with high paying keywords. Do some research on keyword optimization!

Next choose a blogging platform, you can use a free platform like blogger if you wish but you may want to check out some of the more professional platforms and these usually charge a small monthly fee. Either way you will want to create an account with your blogging platform and chose a professional looking design. Once you have your site set up it is time to add your content.

Next, and this is extremely important you will need to do some advertising. This is going to be an ongoing process and it usually begins with trying to make your blog look important to search engines like Google by creating what is called relevant back- links. Back-links are basically just as the name implies links from other websites to your own. Back-links will only help if they are relevant to your blog. Do some research to find quality links. There are many other advertising avenues that you should research as well your marketing strategy should depend on your target audience and your budget.

Finally keep writing and keep advertising the only way your blog is going to be successful is if you have good content that fulfills a need for others and the people who need that information are able to find it.


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